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Samigon Bracket Flips Vertically, Horizontally

Samigon Bracket Samigon Bracket

Argraph Corp. has introduced its Samigon V-H Flip Bracket, designed for both digital and traditional 35mm SLR cameras. The bracket allows photographers to flip their cameras from vertical to horizontal without changing flash position. The flash is mounted directly over the lens on a plate attached to two telescoping sections extending up to 28 inches to eliminate shadow and red eye. A sliding camera mount allows the camera to be centered under the flash no matter where the tripod mount is located on the camera.

The specially designed platform folds up when not in use, fits into its own nylon pouch, and occupies little space in a camera bag. The basic V-H Flip Bracket has a suggested retail price of $79. The deluxe model is priced at $144.

Additional Info

  • Company: Argraph Corp.
  • Company Phone #: 201-939-7722