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Photogenic Launches Faster, Wireless Monolights

Photogenic Wireless Monolights Photogenic Wireless Monolights

Photogenic Professional Lighting is now offering two new Powerlight moonlights — the PL625DR and PL625DRC.

Both models have a six f-stop flash output range from 7.8 to 250Ws. At full power, they have a short ½,000-second flash duration and can be adjusted in one-tenth or one-half-full f-stop increments. The monolights are compatible with dozens of light modifiers such as soft boxes, umbrellas and the entire Quick-Change line of light shaping accessories.

Compatible with a built-in PocketWizard receiver, these monolights can be triggered wirelessly up to distances of 1,600 feet and have a recycle time of 1.25 seconds.

The PL625DRC has all of the same features as the DR model, but also includes a UV Coated Flash Tube.

The PL625DR sells for around $700 while the PL625DRC sells for around $550.

Additional Info

  • Company: Photogenic
  • Company Phone #: 800-682-7668