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Harbor Digital Design Debuts Ultimate Light Box Diffuser

Ultimate Light Box Diffuser Ultimate Light Box Diffuser

Harbor Digital Design recently announced its new Ultimate Light Box flash diffuser system. Designed for quality and accessibility, the Light Box diffuser can be used as a bounced, reflective or direct light source, or a combination, to provide control over the softness of light.

The innovative new design, with multiple levels of diffusion that can be added or removed, also comes equipped with a versatile flash diffuser system that is easily adjustable. The Light Box diffuser's accessories allow for the system to be used as a hair light or to create dramatic background lighting effects by adding one of the available colored gel filters. The system is available for purchase as separate components or as a kit.

Providing professional results, the custom fit flash adapters can be securely mounted onto the camera quickly and easily.
Diffuser prices start as low as $19.99 for the small Dome Diffuser, $59.95 for the Light Box Kit and $99.95 for the complete Light Box ProPack assembly.

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