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Nikon Increases Durability of SB-910

Nikon SB-910 Nikon SB-910

Nikon has created a new flagship speedlight, the Nikon SB-910. Significant updates with this model include increased durability and an improved user interface.

The SB-910 has been designed to be more battery efficient and has an enhanced thermal cut-out function, which ensures that the unit doesn't overheat during prolonged use.

Additionally, the SB-910 comes equipped with heat-resistant hard-plastic filters (warming, red, yellow or blue) for use under fluorescent or incandescent lighting.

Like its predecessor, the 910 offers a zoom-coverage range of 17-200mm, as well as three different illumination patterns, including standard, center-weighted and even.

The Nikon Speedlight SB-910 has a suggested retail price of $549.

Additional Info

  • Company: Nikon
  • Company Phone #: 800-626-4566