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Microtek Expands Scanmaker Line


Microtek has released two scanners, the ScanMaker i800 and the 3,200-dpi ScanMaker 1000XL, a tabloid-sized flatbed scanner.

The high-resolution i800 can handle multiple film sizes, including 24 frames of 35mm film strips, 12 mounted 35mm slides, two 4x5 transparencies, and medium-format panoramas up to 6x17cm. It features 4,800 by 9,600 dpi optical resolution, allowing users to create poster-size images from photos and film, and an 8.5x14 reflective scanning area to accommodate legal-size documents and batch scanning of photos or film.

The i800 includes EZ-Lock film holders with spring-actuated tension grips for 4x5 and medium-format film, to keep film perfectly flat. All of the holders lock into place on the scan bed to ensure alignment, while the EZ-Lock film holder hardware and software systems detect film quantity and format, even automatically cropping frames to further simplify scanning.

Designed for professional applications, the large-format ScanMaker 1000XL is available in two models: the 1000XL Pro with Transparent Media Adapter for dual reflective and transparency scanning, and the ScanMaker 1000XL for reflective media scanning only. The 1000 XL Pro with TMA scans film and transparencies up to 12x16, and includes film templates to accommodate batch scanning of 35mm slides, 35mm film strips, 4x5 film and medium-format 120 film.

Features of the ScanMaker 1000XL include 4.0 maximum optical density, full 48-bit color and multiple sampling in frequencies of two, four, eight and 16 steps. In addition, a 41,300-element CCD provides optical resolution of 3,200 by 6,400 dpi, allowing for greater enhancement of scanned images.

Both models feature Kodak Digital Ice Photo Print Technology for automatically restoring damaged photos by eliminating surface defects such as rips, tears and wrinkles. The ColoRescue color recovery system for both photos and film restores faded colors.

The ScanMaker i800 is priced at $399. The ScanMaker 1000XL carries a $2,299 price tag, and the Pro version is $2,799.

Additional Info

  • Company: Microtek
  • Company Phone #: 310-687-5800