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LiveBooks Ramps Up Search Engine Optimization


LiveBooks has released LiveBooks Professional, the latest version of software to help professional photographers increase their website traffic and streamline their workflow for search marketing. LiveBooks has also helped to create Luminance, a unique collaboration with Cinematic Studios to provide an online tool that combines a personalized website with a customized promotional video.

The newest tools that LiveBooks Professional offers include enhanced auto-generated HTML from Flash content, an HTML search landing page, and enhanced metadata uploads from Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft iView and other applications, such as Google Analytics support. LiveBooks Professional is sold in three different packages: Unlimited at $3,200, Select at $1,700 and Basic at $800.

The Luminance package creates a customized LiveBooks Flash website with design time from the LiveBooks team, a portfolio of up to 64 images and an uploadable contact page, plus a promotional video page with a three- to four-minute video produced and edited by Cinematic Studios. Pricing for Luminance is available through LiveBooks.

Additional Info

  • Company: LiveBooks
  • Company Phone #: 800-253-2085