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ImageSpan's Licensestream Creator Pro Offers Content Tracking


ImageSpan has announced the addition of a new content tracker to its web-based LicenseStream Creator Pro service.

ImageSpan provides a digital-content licensing and billing settlement platform with the LicenseStream services for imaging professionals. The addition of the new tracker helps content creators find their digital content online and provides them with information on where and how the content can be used.

The company has also added automated options to convert nonpaying content consumers into paying customers. This helps content creators obtain more value from their photos, video and other digital assets as they get distributed on the web.

LicenseStream Creator Pro works by enabling subscribers to embed their content with metadata that prescribes how the content is to be used, for how long and in what locales. In instances where terms of use for content have been infringed, a subscriber can select from several automatically generated e-mail responses, ranging from offering the opportunity to license the content legally to issuing a take-down request. The service monitors actions that are taken and reports back to the content owner.

ImageSpan License-Stream Creator Pro's annual subscription fee is $149.99.

Additional Info

  • Company: ImageSpan
  • Company Phone #: 888-921-1221