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Canon's Debuts New Lineup of Vixia Full HD 1080p Flash Camcorders

Canon Vixia HF G10 Canon Vixia HF G10

Canon has announced the release of eight Vixia High Definition flash memory camcorders. This new line includes the flagship model (Vixia HF G10), a high-end model (Vixia HF S30), three compact model (Vixia HF M-series), and three entry-level models (Vixia HF R-series).

For video professionals, Canon has improved their camcorder sensors with a new HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor available in the flagship and compact versions. This new sensor incorporates larger, more sensitive pixels resulting in higher video resolution (full 1080p HD), 25 percent better low-light performance, and a nearly tripled dynamic range.

All eight 2011 Vixia High Definition camcorders feature dual SDXC-compatible memory card slots for maximum storage capacity, nine cinema-look filters, and "story creator and touch decoration" mode which offers assistance with themed storyboards.

With this line, Canon has also enhanced the internal microphones with four directional options, including monaural, normal stereo, wide, and new auto-adjusting "synced with zooming" mode.

The differences are based primarily on internal memory size, sensor resolution, screen size and cost.

G10 and S30: Both at the higher-end, these camcorders have 32GB of internal flash memory, a 3.5-inch touch panel LCD screen and 10x HD lenses; however the G10 lens has a focal range of 4.5-42.5mm while the S30 has a range of 6.4-64mm. Sensor size also varies; the S30 has a 1/2.6-inch CMOS sensor and 8.59-megapixel resolution, while the G10 has a 1.3-inch sensor and 2.37-megapixel resolution. The HF G10 and S30 models retail for $1,499 and $1,099, respectively.

Vixia HF M-series: Comparable to the G10 in resolution, the three M-series camcorders also have a 1/3-inch sensor and 2.37-megapixel resolution. Within the line, the M models vary mainly in memory capabilities. The M41 has 32 GB of internal memory, while the M40 has 16GB and the M400 houses only the two memory slots. All three have a 10X HD lens with a 6.1-61mm focal range and a 3-inch touch panel LCD screen. These camcorders retail for $799 (M40), $699 (M41) and $649 (M400) respectively.

Vixia HF R-series: Much like the M-series line, the R-series differs in terms of memory, ranging from 32 GB of internal memory (the R21), to 8GB (R20), to just two memory card slots (R200). All three models include a 28x Advanced Zoom, 3.28-megapixel resolution and a 3-inch Touch Panel LCD screen. Unlike all the other new Vixia models, the R20 comes in three body colors: black, red, and silver. The R21, R20 and R200 retail for $499, $399 and $379, respectively.

Other Vixia releases: At the same time, Canon has also released two SD, flash memory camcorder models, the FS40 and FS400 Flash Memory camcorders—which retail for $299 and $279 — as well as a WP-V3 waterproof camcorder case — which retails for $599.

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