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Canon Releases Three New Mini DV Camcorders

Canon Optura 60 camcorder Canon Optura 60 camcorder

Canon has introduced three megapixel mini-DV camcorders that offer a variety of video and photo features. The three new models include the 2.2-megapixel Optura 50 and Optura 60 and the 1.33-megapixel ZR400, all of which include high-resolution 16:9 wide-screen and standard 4:3 television aspect ratio video-recording modes.

Each new camcorder features the DV Photo Plus system, Canon optics, a megapixel CCD image sensor, a DIGIC DV image processor, and a Print & Share push button for automated image transfer and printing.

The new Optura series of camcorders includes 2.2-megapixel CCDs with RGB primary color filters, optical image stabilization, nine-point Auto Intelligent Auto Focus with selectable autofocus points, continuous shooting modes for bursts of up to five frames per second, three exposure metering modes and built-in flashes. The Optura 50 is equipped with a 10x optical zoom lens, while the Optura 60 has a 14x optical zoom. Additional features of the Optura 60 include an advanced accessory shoe and a built-in video light.

The new ZR400 mini DV camcorder is an entry-level model with a 1.33-megapixel CCD and a Canon 0.6x wide attachment, housed in a compact design. The camcorder allows the shooting of simultaneous stills to MultiMedia Cards while taping video without interruption.

The ZR400 is available at an estimated retail price of $549, while the Optura 50 and 60 are priced at $799 and $899, respectively.

Additional Info

  • Company: Canon
  • Company Phone #: 800-828-4040