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Canon Unveils Vixia HD Camcorder Models

Canon Vixia S21 camcorder Canon Vixia S21 camcorder

Canon's new Vixia HD Flash memory camcorder line comprises nine different models that vary in resolution and memory size. Within the Vixia line, Canon has created the high-end HF-S, the compact HF-M and the entry-level FR-R. All three series can record at up to 1080p HD.

The S-series, which includes the S21, the S20 and the S200, comes with internal Flash memory ranging from 32 to 64GB and has two SD card slots for video transfer. Each records on an 8.59-megapixel full-HD CMOS sensor and has a 3.5-inch high-resolution touch screen.The smaller M-series offers 8 to 32GB of internal Flash memory. The R-series lacks the LCD touch screen and has a smaller, 2-megapixel sensor.

All nine cameras offer subject tracking, HD-to-SD down-conversion capabilities to allow users to upload video to the web or onto DVDs, an HD video lens, an HD CMOS sensor and a Digic DV III processor.

Beginning in March, the R31, R30 and R300 will be available for $699, $549 and $499, and the R31, R30 and R300 will sell for $699, $549, and $499. In April, the S21, S20 and S200 will retail for $1,399, $1,099 and $999, respectively.

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