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Canadian Media Run Fake Tsunami Photos


In late December, Canadian news outlets, including CFCN TV, the Calgary Herald, and Global News, ran photographs that were purportedly of the recent tsunami disaster in south Asia. The photos had been supplied by the World Job and Food Bank, based in Calgary. On Dec. 31, 2004, the Herald ran a front-page apology for its error in printing one of these photographs.

The media had been told incorrectly that the photo, along with others provided by the food bank, was from the recent tsunami, the apology explained. The image in the photograph actually was a huge wave resulting from a September 2002 tidal surge in the Qiantangjiang River in China.

The photograph had been credited to Joseph Edison, executive director of the World Food and Job Bank. The photograph, along with others actually of the tsunami, had been displayed at a press conference to launch Calgary's Southeast Disaster Relief Days.