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InfoTrends: 22 Billion Photos Shared by 2015

22 Billion Photos Shared by 2015 22 Billion Photos Shared by 2015

The number of worldwide camera phone users will reach 2 billion and the number of camera phone photos shared annually will double to 22 billion by 2015, according to a recent study by InfoTrends, a worldwide technology strategy firm.

In its 2011 report focusing on the future of mobile phone technology, InfoTrends said this expected migration will be the result of the growing popularity of smartphones, shipments of which are projected to increase from 306 million to 1 billion over the next four years. As in their previous report on consumer camera consumption, InfoTrends shows the Asia-Pacific region as the fastest-growing consumer base.

Because of the smartphone’s focus on the production of images, all mobile phones are expected to adopt a larger, 4-inch LCD screen. By 2013, more digital camera images will be shared on social networking sites than via all other methods combined, the study found.

InfoTrends also reported that these rapidly growing consumer activities are the direct result of improved image quality and ease of use, built-in connectivity, more affordable handsets and data plans, and a focus on social networking.