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Studio: An expansive 12,000-square-foot remodeled lumber mill in an industrial area of San Francisco

Gear: "About the only thing I am not shooting with is digital," says Muna. "I use everything from 35 mm to 8x10. I use Canon for 35mm, Hasselblad for 2-1/4" square. Toyo for 8x10. I don't know the model of the Toyo, but at the time I bought it, it was the top of the line.

Recent subjects: Lexus, Infiity, BMW. "In the technology world, we've done everything from Sony Playstation to Apple to Microsoft."

Best advice to aspiring photographers: "The most difficult thing for a new photographer to do is to find his or her own voice. Imitating other photographers necessarily puts them behind the curve. You need to think and create your own great ideas, and have the technique be the second thing."When all is said and done and the year's work, or decade's work, is looked back on, the things that rise to the top are the great ideas you had, not the great techniques. That's a very difficult thing for a young photographer to grasp. Most of the time that comes not from a lack of talent, but a fear that their own voice will not be accepted. That's something you have to get over."

Website: rjmuna.com

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