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IN THE LOUPE: Eddie Soloway

Eddie Soloway Eddie Soloway
© Eddie Soloway

Home and studio location: Santa Fe, N.M.

Website: eddiesoloway.com

Book projects: "One Thousand Moons" (2004). Currently working on second possible project, "Driving," about images he made while traveling between workshops.

Highest honor: First recipient of the Santa Fe Center for Visual Arts’ Excellence in Photographic Teaching award (1998).

Preferred equipment: Nikon FM2 35mm film cameras; Nikon 55 macro and 28 f/2.8 lenses; currently experimenting with the Nikon D3/300 digital camera.

Advice to aspiring photographers: "Let go of photographing objects and things in favor of capturing the essence of places and the magic of moments," he writes on his website. "It is that spirit of developing a natural eye first, and then bringing a camera and its technical skills up to that eye that organizes the week in the ‘Natural Eye’ workshops."

P.J. Heller
Story Author: P.J. Heller

P.J. Heller is a freelance writer and photographer based in Southern California.

Website: www.photoreporters.net E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it