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IN THE LOUPE: David Sanger

David Sanger David Sanger
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Home and studio: Albany, Calif.


Family Life: Lives with his wife, Sally. "My whole family likes to travel," Sanger says. "My son and I just went to Peru last year."

Favorite gear: Two Nikon 12.1-megapixel full-frame D700 DSLRs. "I don't use the D3X just because of the price advantage of the D700s," he says. Nikkor 80-200mm, 17-35mm, 24-70mm lenses – all f/2.8 – as well as a 105mm macro; SB-28 Nikon strobes; Manfrotto/Bogen tripods; Photoflex camera bag and reflectors.

Preferred digital storage: On the road: MacBook Pro laptop; three Western Digital 250GB Passport USB 2.0 drives for backup; 8GB and 4GB SanDisk Extreme IV cards. In the office: MacPro; 8TB+ storage in FirmTek RAID arrays; various other Macs.

Favorite locales in which to work: "South Africa, for the light; Europe, for the density of interesting subjects; and the Caribbean. I'm the guy you see in the Caribbean with the tripod, big lens, black camera bag and long pants, trudging down the beach, sweating."

Corporate clients: The National Park Service, RPI, the East Bay Municipal Utility District, Cargill Salt, Interorient Shipping.

Stock representation: Primarily Getty Images; also has images with Image Bank and Alamy Images. Licenses stock directly from his website and sells fine-art prints.

Recent publications: Fodor's, Frommer's, Insight Guides, Rough Guides, Coastal Living, Time, BBC, NBC, Japan Airlines, Holland America, National Geographic Books.

Book: "San Francisco Bay: Portrait of an Estuary," with John Hart, UC Press, 2003.

Advice for travel shooters: "Get totally absorbed in each location and consider it your responsibility to present each place accurately and genuinely … Get in touch with a few shooters; talk to them, take them out to lunch, learn all you can about the business and see if this is really what you want. You have to be a bit crazy."

Eric Rudolph
Story Author: Eric Rudolph

Eric Rudolph has written about photography for many major publications. He also runs bwphotopro.com, a website about black-and-white photography.

Eric Rudolph is a Corporate Communications expert who writes about photography for both magazines and corporations. He has wrote major feature articles for leading consumer magazines like PhotoMedia, Popular Photography and American Photo.

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