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IN THE LOUPE: Tim Fitzharris

Tim Fitzharris Tim Fitzharris
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Studio location and staff: Santa Fe, N.M. His wife, Joy Fitzharris, is his office manager. He also employs a computer systems manager and an image librarian.

Favorite gear: For wildlife work: Canon 5D Mark II, with ultra-wide to 500mm telephoto lenses. For landscape work: Mamiya 645 AFD with Phase One P25 back, with Mamiya manual 35mm, 45mm and 300mm lenses, plus 55-110mm and 110-220mm zooms. "Compared to 35mm-style DSLRs," he says, "the medium-format Mamiya/Phase One combination produces better shadow detail/dynamic range and less noise at low ISO settings."

Publications: Some of Fitzharris' photo books include "National Audubon Society Guide to Landscape Photography," "Close-Up Photography in Nature," "Big Sky: Wild West Panorama" and "Rocky Mountains: Wilderness Reflections," all published by Firefly Books. His stock photos have appeared on the covers of Life, Audubon, Nature's Best Photography, Terre Sauvage, Popular Photography and Outdoor Photographer.

Latest projects: Fitzharris' new coffee-table book of landscape photos, "Seasons Across America," from Firefly Books, will debut in 2010. He is also planning another book, tentatively called "Hummingbirds of the World."

Advice to aspiring nature photographers: "Think long term and build a solid collection. I'm still selling pics I took 25 years ago," he says. "Also, anticipate the movement or behavior of your [wildlife] subject; get into position for the best light, background and angle on the action. Then wait for it to happen."

Advice on achieving a work/life balance: "Get an RV and turn it into a moving photo studio," he says. "Bring your family with you when you can. Everyone is happier."

Website: timfitzharris.com

Eric Rudolph
Story Author: Eric Rudolph

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Eric Rudolph is a Corporate Communications expert who writes about photography for both magazines and corporations. He has wrote major feature articles for leading consumer magazines like PhotoMedia, Popular Photography and American Photo.

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