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IN THE LOUPE: Kate Turning

Kate Turning Kate Turning

Studio locations: The Los Angeles area. Turning rents studios as needed, including motion-picture soundstages for her larger-scale projects. She once had her own shooting space, but it has been converted into a postproduction studio.

Major clients: Bacardi, A&E, Bausch & Lomb, Honda, Kodak, Luxor Resort & Casino, Miller Brewing, Nikon, Palms Resort & Casino, Playboy magazine, Procter & Gamble, Sony.

Favorite cameras: Hasselblad film cameras with Phase  One P 45 backs and Hasselblad H2 digital cameras. "I use large-format, up to 8x10, when it is called for and it suits the assignment," she says. "You can't beat the aesthetics of large format, working deliberately and slowly. That is close to my heart."

Film vs. digital: "I was 50/50 film and digital until a year or two ago. I still enjoy the process of film; it has a much more organic look. I still use film for personal projects and for special projects. For the last two years I've been pretty much 100 percent digital. It's not even a conversation [with my clients] anymore."

Photographic heroes/inspirations: Painters in a wide range of styles, from the Old Masters to pop art. "The best ones really teach you how to see and control light: Delacroix, Maxfield Parrish, Francisco Clemente," she says.

On being a woman in a male-dominated business: "To me, it's been a nonissue. My work speaks for itself."

Website: For more of her work and rep contacts, see turningpix.com.

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