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1999: Reid Callanan

Participants of Reid Callanan’s Santa Fe Workshops photographing on location. Participants of Reid Callanan’s Santa Fe Workshops photographing on location.
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After 13 years, we catch up with our past Photography Person of the Year award-winner, Reid Callahan, to see how his career has progressed.

When Reid Callanan's PPOY profile was published in 1999, his Santa Fe Photographic Workshops endeavor was not quite a decade old and "still charting its course as a U.S.-based educational center at a time when the photographic community was rapidly moving from film to digital capture," he says. Since then, the Workshops have matured into an international educational center that is "100 percent invested in the world of digital workflow," celebrating 23 years in business this year.

"I still love what I do as director of the workshops and look forward to each new day in Santa Fe," Callanan says. "My days of using Polaroid materials to make my photographic images are over, and I have embraced digital capture and printmaking."

Callanan's latest photo project is a series of portraits made in Cuba. "Photography remains a big part of my life," he says. "I am blessed with a great family and circle of friends to share this passion with."

Learn more: santafeworkshops.com
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