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2006: Jeff Sedlik

2006: Jeff Sedlik
© Jeff Sedlik

After 6 years, we catch up with our past Photography Person of the Year award-winner, Jeff Sedlik, to see how his career has progressed.

For the last several years, Jeff Sedlik has continued his dedication to the development of the PLUS standards and PLUS Registry, a nonprofit community resource operated by and for all professionals engaged in creating, distributing, using and preserving images.

With users in 80 countries, the PLUS Registry connects images to creators, owners and rights information. "Anyone in possession of an image will be able to find the creator and owner, regardless of nationality, even if there is no information in or on the image," he says. "Systems used by publishers, ad agencies, designers and other image users will be able to connect to the PLUS Registry, greatly simplifying the process."

When the next orphan works amendment passes into law, the PLUS Registry will provide a central global resource allowing image users to locate any rights holder, for any image, in any country, Sedlik adds. As a result, the PLUS Registry will eliminate the negative impact of the amendment, instead connecting image users to rights holders for the purpose of seeking permission and licenses to make use of images.

Learn more: PLUSregistry.org
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