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2003: George Lepp

George Lepp’s malachite Kingfisher on reed, Botswana. George Lepp’s malachite Kingfisher on reed, Botswana.
© George Lepp

After 9 years, we catch up with our past Photography Person of the Year award-winner, George Lepp, to see how his career has progressed.

George Lepp reaches millions of photographers every year through his popular articles as field editor of Outdoor Photographer magazine. His books on nature and wildlife photography, and his seminars and field workshops, are sponsored by Canon USA's Explorers of Light Program.

His recent photographic emphases have included ultra-high-resolution renderings of subjects ranging from individual snowflakes to vast landscapes (what he calls "the gigascape"), resulting in massive image files that can generate huge, highly detailed prints. He is also experimenting with new ways to interpret time and motion, from time-lapse sequences to the perfection of the action-sequence panorama. A new seminar series that will help photographers to maximize digital image quality is in the works, he says.

Lepp now lives in Bend, Oregon, with his wife Kathryn Vincent Lepp, a writer and editor. The Lepps recently published "Wildlife Photography: Stories from the Field" (Lark Books), a retrospective drawn from the experiences and philosophies Lepp has gained through his life-long dedication to photography and the conservation of wild subjects.

Learn more: georgelepp.com
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