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D4 is Nikon's Answer to Canon 1D X

16 May 2012
Published in Digital Cameras

An update of Nikon's D3, the flagship D4 is the revamped response to Canon's new 1D X. With this model, Nikon has put an emphasis on the guts of the camera — that is, its magnesium alloy chassis. This new body is meant to better resist dirt, moisture and electromagnetic interference. The D4 has nearly 4-megapixels more than its predecessor with a 16.2-megapixel CMOS sensor. Speed-wise, the D4 is on par with the 1D X — 50 to 240,800 ISO...

Nikon Tops Resolution with 36.3-MP D800

16 May 2012
Published in Digital Cameras

Catering to resolution junkies, Nikon's D800 comes with a 36.3-megpixel, full-frame sensor that captures stills and video at a 7,360 x 4,912-pixel resolution. Like Canon's Mark III, users can shoot at full HD and have improved audio and storage features; however, the D800 can shoot at only 60 fps in 720 HD mode. Along with a 91,000-pixel RGB metering system and a 51-point autofocusing system, this new SLR includes several crop modes, including a 1.2x setting and a 1.5x DX setting — both of which still offer high-res, 15.4-megapixel imaging...

Nikon's P510 and P310 Boost CoolPix Zoom, Low-Light Settings

16 May 2012
Published in Digital Cameras

Nikon has released two new CoolPix compact cameras, the P510 and the P310. With the P510, Nikon focused on the zoom features. The camera houses a 42x optical Zoom-Nikkor ED glass lens that can shoot from a wide 24mm to a 1,000mm focal range. Nikon strove to boost low-light shooting capabilities with the P310, giving it a 16.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, an ISO range up to 3200 and a maximum f/1.8 aperture...

Nikon Increases Durability of SB-910

15 May 2012
Published in Photography Lighting

Nikon has created a new flagship speedlight, the Nikon SB-910. Significant updates with this model include increased durability and an improved user interface. The SB-910 has been designed to be more battery efficient and has an enhanced thermal cut-out function, which ensures that the unit doesn't overheat during prolonged use.

Sony, Canon, Nikon Facilities Recovering from Thai Floods

16 March 2012
Published in Industry News

Monsoon rain and flooding last October in Thailand caused significant losses for Nikon, Canon and Sony manufacturing plants in the region. According to the Bangkok Post, the industrial park where Sony resides suffered $1 million in damages. Floodwaters there took nearly a month to recede. Sony's plant, which produces CCS and...

Introducing Nikon’s Coolpix S Series

24 October 2011
Published in Digital Cameras

With the debut of its new S series line of Coolpix cameras, Nikon has unveiled four inaugural models: the S8200, S6200, S100 and S1200pj, all compact cameras with enhanced zoom ranges, sharing capabilities and HD video.

All four cameras include copious scene and auto modes as well as a smart portrait system, which includes in-camera red-eye fix, face-priority autofocus, smile mode, blink warning and skin softening. The S8200 and S100 will also offer easy panorama mode...

Nikon Releases Rugged Coolpix AW100

23 October 2011
Published in Digital Cameras

Taking a page from Olympus’ recent line of extreme, outdoor cameras, Nikon has released the Coolpix AW100, a waterproof, freezeproof and shockproof compact.

The hardened AW100 can withstand underwater depths up to 33 feet, is weather resistant to temperatures as low as 14°F and is shock resistant from a drop of up to five feet. The battery-chamber, SD card slot, HDMI mini-connector and USB/audio-video connector have also been securely covered to prevent the invasion of dirt and moisture...

Nikon Gives Face-lift to Coolpix Line with P7100

23 October 2011
Published in Digital Cameras

Adding a few perks for the advanced consumer, Nikon’s flagship Coolpix P7100 camera has undergone some functionality improvements since its predecessor, the P7100, came out last summer.

With the P7100, Nikon retained the same 10.1-megapixel sensor, but added a second click-wheel to the front of the camera body for adjustments. Depending on what mode you’re in, the wheel’s function will change. Example: In manual mode, the secondary wheel controls the aperture, while the primary wheel controls the shutter speed...

Nikon's D5100 Offers Video to Fit HDTV

11 July 2011
Published in Digital Cameras

With the recently released D5100 SLR, Nikon has taken the next step in affordable video recording technology by offering its first model with full HD 1080p recording at 30 frames per second (fps) and full-time autofocus capabilities.

Other focusing options include face priority, which can track up to 35 human faces, subject tracking, and normal or wide-area autofocus.

While Nikon already has several models that shoot in full HD, they offer only 24 fps recording capabilities. The 30 fps resolution in the D5100, however, allows for higher-quality viewing on HDTVs...

Post-Quake Production Resumes for Hobbled Japanese Camera Makers

16 May 2011
Published in Industry News

With Japan producing 14 percent of the world’s electronics and manufacturing equipment, the shock waves from the March 11 earthquake, tsunami and ongoing nuclear crisis are still being felt two months later in the photography industry.

Camera front-runners such as Canon, Nikon and Sony had dozens of plants based near the earthquake epicenter in northern Japan...

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