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GoPro 3D Hero: Lightest, Cheapest 3D System Available

GoPro 3D Hero GoPro 3D Hero

GoPro has debuted its 3D Hero system, the smallest 3D camera available on the market today. This 5- x 2.5-inch device can shoot full 1080p HD video and stills.

Accompanied by a waterproof case, the Hero system is essentially mounted on top of another camera to create the two-lens system needed for shooting in 3D. With the case, video can be shot at depths of up to 180 feet.

The system comes with GoPro's CineForm Studio, which allows for easy viewing of the 3D photos and videos. Like other GoPro equipment, the Hero system can be worn on the body, mounted on gear and vehicles, and used as a handheld camera.

The retail price of the 3D Hero is $99. An expansion kit for the GoPro HD Hero camera and other GoPro mounts starts at $259.

Additional Info

  • Company: GoPro
  • Company Phone #: 800-600-4659