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Nikon Introduces D2HS SLR


Nikon has launched a D2Hs professional digital SLR camera that incorporates several new enhancements. Designed for photojournalists and sports/action photographers, the camera includes changes based on research and feedback from professional photographers.

A redesigned image-processing engine produces images with higher quality, finer gradations and lower noise. A newly refined exposure metering system improves on Nikon's 3D Color Matrix technology. The auto white balance and autofocusing systems have been fine-tuned for accurate results, and an enhanced buffer offers continuous shooting at 8 frames per second for up to 50 consecutive shots (JPEG, FINE).

In addition to a 4.1-megapixel DX format, JFET image sensor lateral buried charge accumulator and sensing transistor array, the D2Hs features a faster, more precise 11-area autofocus system that also contributes to high-speed continuous shooting. The D2Hs is compatible with a wireless transmitter, which supports both IEEE 802.11g (for faster transfer speeds) and IEEE 802.11b networks. The transmitter also strengthens wireless security options and network protocols.

The D2Hs comes with Picture-Project software for managing, editing and sharing image files. The camera also is compatible with optional Capture 4 software designed for full control of RAW (NEF) files. Capture 4's remote camera control function can operate most shooting settings and trigger the camera's shutter release remotely, either connected via the USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface, or using the wireless transmitter. The D2Hs has a suggested retail price of $3,499.

Additional Info

  • Company: Nikon
  • Company Phone #: 800-626-4566