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Leica Unveils Ultra-High-Resolution S2 DSLR

Leica S2 DSLR Leica S2 DSLR

Leica has released its latest high-end camera, the S2 Digital SLR. The S2 is equipped with professional-quality 37.5-megapixel resolution and high-speed Maestro image processing, and is compatible with four available S-series lens options.

The Leica S-system, developed specially for digital-format photography, has a 30 x 45mm sensor that is 60 percent larger than that of traditional medium-format cameras. Large film speed options range from ISO 80 to ISO 1250.

Images are processed with the Maestro's S2 high-speed system – users can take up to 1.5 images per second at maximum resolution. With the dual shutter system, users can take images at 1/4,000 second with the in-body shutter or high-flash images at 1/500 second with the in-lens leaf shutter.

The four new interchangeable lenses offer multiple shooting options. Covering the key focal lengths, Leica has created the Summarit-S 70mm f/2.5 ASPH – good for detailed close-ups and portraits – and the APO-Tele-Elmar-S f/180mm telephoto lenses. For close-ups and portraits, Leica has designed the APO-Macro-Summarit-S 120mm f/2.5; for wide-angle shots, it will release the Summarit-S 35mm f/2.5 ASPH.

For precise focusing, the S2 has a centrally positioned crosshair sensor. Images can be shot in autofocus mode using a high-quality microprocessor or overridden into manual focusing mode with a quick turn of the focus dial. Images can be easily viewed on the 3-inch LCD screen after shooting.

The camera body is available for $22,995, and the S-series lenses start at $4,495.

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