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Induro Debuts Tripod Line

Induro Adventure Series Induro Adventure Series

Induro has introduced its Induro Adventure Series, a new line of tripods aimed at budget-conscious photographers. Each model in the Adventure Series comes as a complete kit, including tripod, head and carrying case.

The tripods are made from a magnesium-aluminum alloy combination and feature independently adjustable quick-lock legs, a reversible center column, an interchangeable ball head and quick-release plate. The head and camera mounting platform move freely, providing a 90° vertical angle and a 360° rotation.

Each model varies by maximum height and load-bearing capabilities. The AB0 reaches 56.9 inches, carries 10.3 pounds and costs $136; the AB1 measures 62 inches and 12.8 pounds, and costs $159; and the AB2 is 66.5 inches long, weighs 18.7 pounds and costs $181.

Additional Info

  • Company: Induro (MAC Group)
  • Company Phone #: 914-347-3300