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Induro Debuts Gimbal-Head Tripod-Mounting System

Induro Gimbal-Head Tripod Induro Gimbal-Head Tripod

Induro has created a new design for mounting cameras on tripods with the GH-series of gimbal heads. Ideal for large, telephoto-lens cameras, the GH mount factors in the weight of the camera and the lens to balance the entire unit’s center of gravity.

With such a system, a heavy camera becomes seemingly weightless. Vertical and horizontal tracking can be quickly adjusted with easy-to-access knobs.

Gimbal heads vary in cost from $200 for the GHBA, to $360 for the GHB1, to $489 for the GHB2 and accompanying quick-release plate.

Additional Info

  • Company: Induro (MAC Group)
  • Company Phone #: 914-347-3300