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Location: Scottsdale, Ariz. Ross has a 300-square-foot studio in his home, for portraits and still-life photography.

Publications: Numerous "Travel Guides" for Fodor's. Several periodicals, including Der Spiegel, Elle, GEO, National Geographic, Stern and USA Today.

Preferred equipment: Canon, currently the EOS 5D with its 35mm-frame-sized sensor. His digital camera progression has been from the 10D to the 20D, 30D and now the 5D, but decidedly not the Mark II: "I never had the stomach to spend $8,000-plus for the top of the line, not with cameras changing so quickly." He uses his EOS-1n film bodies to shoot warmly lit subjects that digital doesn't handle well. He's also currently scanning 6,000 of his top images (out of 40,000 in total) with a Nikon Coolscan 9000, to 12″ x 18″ at 300 dpi, completely keyworded, with the help of assistants. "I love Dynalite strobes, and of course Apple computers," he adds. "There is no other computer."

Corporate Clients: All Nippon Airways, Allied Signal Aerospace, American Express, Apple, British Airways, Cartier, Chevrolet, HP, MTV, Polo Ralph Lauren, Sony, United Airlines, U.S. Navy, Visa and many others.

Latest assignment: "Last year I did a number of books, or partial books, for Fodor's "Travel Guides,' including a month in Costa Rica."

Favorite assignment: "They're all great. I am living my dream life by traveling around the world and using my camera to meet peoples I would not otherwise talk to."

Advice for aspiring travel photographers: "Stay diverse. Shoot many subjects to pay for the bills, especially when you are starting out. Portraits, corporate, weddings, your neighbor's dog - whatever."

Website: kenrossphotography.com

Eric Rudolph
Story Author: Eric Rudolph

Eric Rudolph has written about photography for many major publications. He also runs bwphotopro.com, a website about black-and-white photography.

Eric Rudolph is a Corporate Communications expert who writes about photography for both magazines and corporations. He has wrote major feature articles for leading consumer magazines like PhotoMedia, Popular Photography and American Photo.

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