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Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location
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This issue started out with a focus on travel and location photography. As we began talking to location and travel photographers to research stories, we learned that many are focusing on portrait photography on location.

Technically, portraiture overlaps into several of our general themes, including location and studio photography. But more and more, portraiture offers location photographers a new source of income. And, more and more portrait photographers are facing new demands to photograph subjects out of the studio, on their subjects' home turf. To explore this trend, we've focused this issue on people and places. We hope you'll enjoy what's in store as you turn the pages ahead.

Our profile on Karen Moskowitz illustrates the challenges photographers have in carving out a career on their own terms, even while assembling a portfolio packed with celebrities from all walks of life. For major on-location assignments, Moskowitz often deploys a network of freelance production staffers and assistants, but reminds us that ultimately, photography is a solitary art form.

Next, we offer a glimpse into the lives of executive and celebrity portraiture professionals who specialize in shooting on location, often under tight time constraints. These roving artists have learned to master extreme conditions, producing interesting photos that both illuminate their subjects and captivate audiences.

And then there's the new breed of location, portrait and wedding photographer personified by Scott Bourne. A cutting-edge landscape and fine-art photographer, he's also the ultimate wedding photography entrepreneur. While exploiting the latest digital distribution and traditional camera technologies, he's broadening opportunities for himself, his clients and industry colleagues through the Washington Professional Photographers Association, which he founded last October and which is already nearing 100 members.

If it's a photo adventure you're looking for, Gary Luhm's Slot Canyons story will whet your appetite for one of America's most visually interesting and least visited natural settings. Now's a good time to start planning for a spring or fall outing.
In the midst of reporting this issue's features, an international story erupted in Seattle that allowed hundreds of photographers to test their skills under fire. We are pleased to bring you a special report on photographic coverage of the riots that broke out during the Nov. 28 - Dec. 3 World Trade Organization summit. Our thanks to all the photographers, photo editors and news agencies who contributed photos and firsthand accounts in the preparation of this story.

In the wake of WTO, Seattle drew further attention nationally by canceling New Year's Eve festivities at the Seattle Center due to supposed threats of terrorism. Thankfully, as the highly feared Y2K bug arrived with a whimper, other cities all over the world went forward with their celebrations. It was impressive to see how peacefully the rest of the planet partied the night away.

However the new millennium unfolds, you can be sure photographers will be out there recording it all for posterity. We'll hope for the best!

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Happy 2000!

Gary Halpern
, Publisher

Gary Halpern
Story Author: Gary Halpern

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