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Gary Halpern and photographer Steve McCurry Gary Halpern and photographer Steve McCurry
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It seems appropriate that this issue of PhotoMedia is focused on the subject of photojournalism, considering all the recent attention given to the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks — perhaps the single most photographed event in history. Since our last issue in June, several other major international news stories have continued to unfold, including the riots in London, the overthrow of Gaddafi's 40-year regime in Libya and a major hurricane wreaking havoc in the northeastern United States — all amid continuing economic stagnation worldwide.

So it also seems fitting that our cover story honors one of the most notable photographers to ever work in the photojournalism arena, Steve McCurry, whose signature photograph of the Afghani girl with the green eyes, which ran on the cover of National Geographic, is perhaps the most recognizable photo ever made. Steve's career is the kind that all aspiring photographers dream about &mdash one that allows him to explore fascinating cultures and take part in storybook adventures. Most importantly, he has been able to work almost entirely on his own terms. He's one of the greats, and we're privileged to be able to share our in-depth profile of him with our readers.

We are also delighted to present our 2011 PhotoMedia Photography Person of the Year, James Balog, whose Extreme Ice Survey Project monitors the shrinking polar ice caps, providing data to support his initiatives to promote awareness of global climate change. Aside from his illustrious career as an inspired and creative photographer, it's his devoted concern for humanity that makes him a worthy honoree.

I'm also pleased to report that PhotoMedia has received yet another honor — our ninth consecutive APEX Grand Award. Additionally, our recently redesigned website continues to evolve, with new content being posted regularly to keep it interesting and current. Please visit and explore our 11 years' worth of archived searchable content at photomediaonline.com.

Now more than ever, it's critical that you let our advertisers know that you noticed their ads in PhotoMedia — our future depends on it. They deserve your appreciation for supporting this publication and enabling us to bring you in-depth coverage of the world of photography for free.

Gary Halpern, Publisher

Gary Halpern
Story Author: Gary Halpern

Gary Halpern is the owner of the PhotoMedia Group, which publishes a 3x/yr photography trade magazine serving the western U.S., now in its 23rd year and winner of 6 Maggie Awards in 23 nominations in the last 11 years, and 9 APEX Grand Awards plus 12 APEX Awards of Excellence in the last 10 years (both the Maggies and APEX's are prestigious awards for publishing excellence).

Along with the magazine, he also publishes PhotoMediaOnline.com.

He also provide consulting and prepress services for coffee table photo book projects. Please visit PhotoMediaGroup.com for more information.

Website: www.photomediagroup.com
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