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Promaster MacroLume Offers Versatility

Promaster MacroLume TTL Digital Promaster MacroLume TTL Digital

The Photographic Research Organization has introduced its Promaster MacroLume TTL Digital, the digital version of its Promaster TTL Macro Flash. The MacroLume TTL Digital features individually controlled dual flash tubes, each with a built-in variable diffuser. For maximum versatility, it mounts to virtually any lens using Cokin P Series adapter rings. The MacroLume TTL Digital uses all Promaster 5000 series flash modules for fully automated operation with most digital and traditional cameras available today.

Other features include a detachable flash head, fully adjustable mounting assembly, modeling lamp and focus assist lamp.

The Promaster MacroLume TTL Digital flash retails for $300.

Additional Info

  • Company: Promaster
  • Company Phone #: 000-000-0000