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California Sunbounce Offers Durable Light Reflector

Perma-Tense Reflector Sun-Move Perma-Tense Reflector Sun-Move

California Sunbounce has created a more durable light reflector, called the Perma-Tense Reflector Sun-Mover with Extra Permanent Tension.

The pop-up reflector, made with two built-in handles, an elastic hem and an oval frame, more consistently keeps the reflective screen under permanent tension.

The Sun-Mover, which can be adjusted solely by the photographer, eliminates the need for extra reflectors or lighting. Lightweight and foldable into one-third of its unfurled size, the reflector is built for easy transport.

The Sun-Mover comes in two colors: the Sunbounce zebra/white screen, which produces slightly warm light, and the Sunbounce silver/white screen, which creates neutral light.

Both screens retail for around $150 each.

Additional Info

  • Company: California Sunbounce
  • Company Phone #: 908-754-5800