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Lumiquest Secures Flash Diffuser

Lumiquest Soft Screen Lumiquest Soft Screen

LumiQuest recently introduced the Soft Screen, a flash diffuser for use with digital and film SLR pop-up flashes. The Soft Screen was designed to be installed in seconds to the hot shoe on digital or film SLRs, with an open oval on the bottom front that fit over the name plate on the camera. Because several recent digital SLR cameras have smaller name plates, the Soft Screen might not attach as securely to those models. To accommodate these changes and to provide a more secure installation, LumiQuest is now providing optional Velcro strips with all Soft Screen products.

The Soft Screen retails for $12.95. Customers who already own Soft Screens and would like the additional Velcro strips can contact LumiQuest at www.lumiquest.com.

Additional Info

  • Company: Lumiquest
  • Company Phone #: 830-438-4646