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Lightware’s FourSquare Unveils Speedlight Mounting Options

Lightware’s FourSquare Lightware’s FourSquare

Grin&Stir, a Lightware Direct company, has released the FourSquare speedlight mounting system to handle up to four speedlight flashes at once.

The system includes a LightSquare light bank that can be converted into a soft white reflector by removing the front diffusion panel. The light bank can also capture and diffuse the light emissions for any of the attached flash devices. The FourSquare is compatible with light stands, shoe-mount strobes, the LightSquare bank and collapsible umbrellas.

The Strobist FourSquare kit, including the mount, six mounting screws and diffusion screen, retails for $269, while the Pro Kit, with additional items such as 360-degree swivels and eight additional mounting screws, retails for $349.

Additional Info

  • Company: Lightware Direct
  • Company Phone #: 303-744-0202