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Lumiquest Releases Quik Bounce

Lumiquest Quik Bounce Lumiquest Quik Bounce

LumiQuest has released the Quik Bounce, designed for use with or without a ceiling to soften light. The Quik Bounce attaches to the flash using self-adhesive Velcro or with the optional cinch strap.

The Quik Bounce is designed with doors that can open to allow for 20 percent of the light to bounce off the surface area to provide fill light and uniform illumination. When there is no ceiling available, the doors can remain closed, allowing 100 percent of the light to bounce off this surface area.

The design allows photographers to shoot vertically without having to adjust the Quik Bounce on the flash. The Lumiquest Quik Bounce’s suggested retail price is $44.

Additional Info

  • Company: Lumiquest
  • Company Phone #: 830-438-4646