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Xotopro Releases Two Macro Twin-Flash Units and Mount Units

Xotopro Twin-flash Unit Xotopro Twin-flash Unit

Xotopro Photographic Equipment has introduced the QMM1 macro flash mount system and Tumax macro twin-flash units.

The QMM1 is a new macro twin-flash system that can be either handheld or mounted on a tripod. Its sturdy baseplate is made from aircraft-grade aluminum that can withstand years of use. Around the baseplate of the QMM1 are two moving arms that allow flash units to be positioned at almost any angle around the subject.

Tumax’s DMF880 TTL flash unit, with built-in macro controller, is a dual-purpose flash that can act as a medium-power TTL flash or as the control unit for the DMT twin-flash set. The DMF880 has a guide number of 104 feet. Its flash head can tilt up 90 degrees for bouncing, and it has a manual-zoom head to match the angle of coverage and extend the flash range when used with standard and moderate telephoto lenses.

The DMF880 has a switch that turns the macro control function on and off. In the off position, this switch will also cut power to the DMT twin-flash units. The DMT twin-flash units each have a guide number of 19.7 (in feet), can be plugged into the DMF880 flash/macro controller for power and also tilt up 90 degrees.

The DMF880 TTL flash/macro controller and DMT twin-flash are both available as a set for the Canon E-TTL, Nikon i-TTL, Olympus TTL, Pentax P-TTL and Sony ADI.

The QMMI retails for $439; the DMF880 TTL unit is $299.

Additional Info

  • Company: Xotopro
  • Company Phone #: 310-880-9399