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RED Offers Latest Pro, Consumer Video Cameras

RED Scarlet RED Scarlet

RED has released the Scarlet, a 3K video camera available either in “brain” format — the interchangeable lens version — or with a fixed 8x zoom lens.

The camera can capture 120 fps, records at 720p or full HD 1080p, and has a 4.8-inch LCD screen with touch-focus tracking capabilities. The Scarlet “brain” has a lens mount that is compatible with RED, Canon and Nikon lenses and retails for $2,750. The five optional fixed-focal-length, interchangeable RED lenses range from 6 to 50mm and retail for $950 each. The fixed-lens version of the camera retails for $4,750.

RED has also unveiled a much pricier Epic camera — a pro video camera that retails for $28,000, is capable of shooting in 5K video and comes equipped with a full-frame S35mm new Mysterium X sensor.

Additional Info

  • Company: RED
  • Company Phone #: 949-206-7900