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Samsung Adds Four H-Series Camcorders, Wi-Fi Connectivity to S-Series

Samsung HMX-H200 Samsung HMX-H200

Samsung debuts four full-HD camcorders, the HMX-H200, HMX-H203, HMX-H204 and HMX-H205 — all of which have enhanced BSI CMOS sensors and low-light capabilities.

The H-series has internal solid-state drives, which offer fast boot-up and read-write speeds, and increased durability compared to other hard-disk memory devices. Memory size ranges from a 32GB SSD in the H205 to a 16GB SSD in the H204, an 8GB SSD in the H203 and an external HD/SDHC memory card in the HMX-H200.

All four camcorders, to be released in March, feature a 37mm wide-angle lens with up to 20x optical zoom, optical image stabilization and a 2.7-inch-wide swivel LCD touch screen. Also this spring, Samsung will debut Allshare, the first camcorder to have built-in wi-fi and DLNA connectivity.

Like the H-series, the S-series uses internal SSD memory. The HMX-S16 has a 64GB SSD, while the HMX-S15 has a 32GB SSD. The HMX-S10, like the HMX-H200, requires an SD/SDHC memory card.

Prices have yet to be released for either line.

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  • Company: Samsung
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